Sunday, January 24, 2021

Out of Loss and Disappointment

Out of loss and disappointment, something good will happen. - me

I know, many of you are very disappointed with what happened in recent events.  I understand the feeling.  However, that isn't what this post is about.  My reason for this post is about something good.

Recently, much evil has been exposed, and that's a good thing. We now know the real truth about Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.  We now know not to use services provided by these companies. Will I still by somethings from Amazon or Whole Foods?  Yes, But not as my first choice.  Also, I will not be using any of Amazon's technology such as AWS.  

With a fresh new realization that Big Tech is not our friend, it is time to build a better mousetrap.  An ecosystem that is friendly to all of us who love God, country, and family values.  We despise the lies and bias of not only the media, but the control Big Tech has as well.  The Global Elitists, do not serve your best interest.  They only serve their own world view.  By not using their services, we deny their influence. 

I, myself and working on a new project that addresses the core problem with Big Tech.  We can start with our boycott or refusal to use their products.  We can also use other products.  For example,  I now use Clouthub (Unlocked Logic).  My laptop runs on GNU/Linux.  There is more to come.  This is a start of something new.  The future awaits us all.  Let's make it better!

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