Thursday, March 26, 2015

This is about time!  Someone needs to stand up and expose Yelp for what it really is!  Yelp is supposed to be a business listing directory like it's name suggests (Yellow Pages).  In reality, Yelp is just another social network used to bully / harass business owners.  When a user posts a so called review, the have to agree to the TOS.  Part of that is that the review cannot be a personal attack on someone.  Users often violate the TOS and launch attacks on unsuspecting business owners.  Yelp does nothing about this.  Also, unlike real the Yellow Pages, Yelp does not allow an owner to remove a listing.  I hope either gov regulators step in or a class action lawsuit is filed against Yelp for all the trouble they create.

Here is the original article

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